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Spreading confusion

In this type of socialism it is easier to spread confusion.  The media outlets are not responsibly proven and nobody checks the facts.  Facts are coded by quick brain activity and reacted to.  Immediate reactions elevate sensitivities to points of coming to impressions.  Decisions are not made, transcendent thought does not occur.  As sensitivities are raised further media release further stimulates quick brain activity so that group think yields the correct levels of action and disturbs the population in the desired direction.  

It is irrelevant that individuals opt out of the process.  The drift of the larger group of Bubbas is sufficient to fuel the money engines and liberate resources.  The process appeals to mass marketers and politicians alike.


Ephemeras in value holdings

The matter of value and the disappearance of value.  the end of reliability. Seventeen trillion in debt with interest at 3.75% and no inflation and the Dow at 15k.  It simply cannot last.

But lay not up treasures where moth and dust doth corrupt but lay up treasures for yourself in heaven.

When the media asks the question, answers its

When the media asks the question, answers its own question, validates its own answer and praises its own validation, then media becomes totalitarian.  The socialism of Billy Bob and Bubba which may be called capitalism, is designed to satisfy the majority so that the one may predominate.

Media invented social process

Market and media have come together to create a new political order, a new economic order.  The dash for dimes from the mass of the slightly below average pays off on a world scale so technology driven systems drive to determine the nature of desire at every level in order to pinpoint deliver of products.  The products can be nearly worthless because the Walmart margin is acceptable.  The market is innundated with cheap plastic fabrications and value is buried in the sheer quantity of stuff.  Hard to provide products are dropped in favor of easier quicker product schemes.

The worst economic decisions are made by the worst leaders because the selection is based on the mindless desires of the uninformed and uneducated, the disaffected and the churlish.  All the current disastrous programs crash willy-nilly on the landscape because it is easier to set in motion and reap short term profit than to actually get stuff done.

Pat Trifunov invented the new socialism of the churlish, a sort of billy Bob and bubba socialism that can be labeled capitalism if fancied.  Capitalist drivers fuel it but the product is socialism and not a true thing.  Rather than the welfare state its aim is a state of gratification.