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Where’s the Outrage, Where’s the sadness?

A Supreme Court Justice is going to conduct a wedding of an old friend.  Has she taken leave of her senses? Why is she party to this?  The difference in age is 27 years.  The Older one is way inappropriate.  Hugh Heffner inappropriate. 59 divided by two is, well, we’ll round down, 29, Add eight and you get 37.  Thirty seven is the lowest appropriate dating age.  Dating age.  Not 32.  How old were they when they started dating?  The age was even more disparate and even more inappropriate.  So, the pay-off here is – old guy gets=? and the pay off is young person gets= well, either money or Daddy.

Gag me with a fork.  And the Supreme Court Justice is seen as doing something courageous?  Are we blind to all good sense? You want to remind me of the Thurmans.  Okay, I’m reminded.  I thought that was real weird.  It stood the test of time, and she got a nice family out of it.  So, I guess if this couple creates a really good gamete, or maybe two, there will be an “ends justifies the means” situation.

We’ll wait for it.

Until then, Justice, is befuddled.


The Press

The Press is dead.  

While God is very much alive, the Press is dead.  There can be no freedom of the Press, because there is no Press.  

The media has usurped the position of the Press.  The media claims first amendment rights.  It doesn’t matter that the Media is not American, doesn’t fall under our Constitution.  It claims the rights and American case Law has given Media the Right, be it left or Right.

Left or Right, the Media is only interested in selling space to Sponsors.  The Media has no interest in the Reader.  As long as the Sponsor will fork over the money, the Reader gets what the Media anticipates that the Sponsor is going to be happy with.  When the Sponsor pulls, the Media adjusts the message.  

Happy, We, who have no say, no idea, no way to see, whose ears are stopped.  We are not important.

Our elected Representatives do not Represent us.  They react to anticipations of the Media.

Abandon Hope, We, the People…


Robert G. Allen-

Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you.  Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy.  Succeed, and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention.  He simply doesn’t understand.