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Dramatic changes in quality of life are imminent.

From what I see in England the current condition is unsustainable.  The same is true in the United States.  I doubt that either country will change intentionally and constructively.  Distribution of labor, distribution of wealth, distribution of education, distribution of housing, all these are way out of balance.

Labor in England and the U.S. can be described in terms of the depth of the brown of people’s skin, but the influx of East Europeans in the UK does add a new dimension.  Whereas in the US immigrant nations are more deeply brown and labor is divided in that way, in the UK there is some muddling of the picture.  In all there is a division between service industry labor and the labor of business and manufacturing.  The worth of an hour varies uncomfortably between the two.  Perceived opportunity varies widely.  Two things are happening.  The one group is increasing and encroaching in the territory of the other group.  One is curios as to why there is not a violent reaction.  That reaction will come.  Groups who feel oppressed will eventually act out, since they don’t have access to other means of attaining what they can see easily in the lives of the privileged.  The result of that action can go on several ways.

History says the haves will be overthrown and the have nots will rule.  Perhaps this will be, or there will be a new thing which will appear on the earth.  History also reveals that.  The new things have rarely been an improvement.

What to do?  For those who can think, there will always be a way to flourish and for those who prefer no to, there will always be an underclass to join.  If anyone thinks they have achieved a position unassailable, difficult times are right around the corner.  For those that want a free ride, there is always a free ride at the bottom of the heap.


Lessons from England

1. Dramatic changes in quality of life are imminent.

2. Dramatic changes in personal relationships are imminent.

3. Prices and costs are artificial

4. Socialism is not a solution, nor is it a natural practice.  Capitalism has lost its meaning as a descriptor.

5. Chemicals are a terrible choice.

6.  Inauthenticity is a terrible condition.