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Reconstruction cannot begin until one is deconstructed.  Begin deconstructing and everything falls away.  Nothing is left.  One is born again in a motel room or an apartment or a hospital or under a tree.  Hard to control.  Unpleasant.  It is like an escape from Egypt.  The old passes.  Something completely new arrives.

John cannot resign and cause a reconstruction.  It goes deeper than that.  Congress will remain the same.  The alternative is anarchy and the end to America.  We can get smarter.  We can deconstruct some political parties.  John is leaving the action.  He won’t like what happens.  We never do.

The state of things is disaster.  Unless a wise man comes.  But people do not like the wise.  People will not embrace the higher understanding.  We are left with Trump.  Or the other Trumps.  Bush might be able to muddle along.  Sooner or later there will be a deconstruction.

Capitalism has become socialism and socialism capitalism.  Government is business and business is government.

A soldier pledges to defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic.  Who can defend it from the whole people?  Such a deconstruction cannot be countenanced.

Perot had an alternative.  Folks saw him as a spoiler.  This election will see a spoiler of a new order.  Unless we muddle along.

And so we must.


A Friend in Need

I really like people.  I want everyone to know that.  I like people in case that keeps people from mugging me.  If I disliked people I would have a greater chance of getting mugged.  But I genuinely like people.

There are a lot of people that I like because they are in a great deal of pain.  Their pain makes me uncomfortable because I don’t know how to deal with people in pain so I like them.  Maybe, if I like them, they won’t hurt so bad.  If they don’t hurt so bad maybe I’ll feel better.  It is a form of unintentional emotional mugging.  They feel bad and their feeling bad mugs me.

This is an absurd form of co-dependency.  I am dependent on their release from pain for my ease of living.  Indeed, I am dependent on their release from pain for my purpose in life.  Since I decided on this purpose years ago, it is a voluntary dependency.  i decided I would be of worth if I contributed to human happiness.

God may have observed that decision with approval, I don’t know, but I have discovered that my purpose is merely to glorify God and the relationship between that and helping people is only transient.

So, I feel drawn to somebody.  I want to be their friend.  I want to have them as my friend.  It only works out when easing pain is not involved.

Only then will I be their friend and they be my friend.

The foundation of the welfare state is not the milk of human kindness.  It is a matter of short term goals and a lower understanding.  Help comes because we want our pain to go away.  Providing services through the state there comes no need to look upon the object of our affliction.  Providing services through the not-for-profit sector merely camouflages the issue.  We like poor folks so they will like us.  We like not-our-people so they will like us.  We also like these folks so the media will like us.  We do stuff for needy people so that they will be quiet and so that the media will be quiet.

Enlightened lower understanding will tell us we must provide social welfare so that the crowds will not get out of order.  The last honest social welfare people were the Romans who provided bread and circuses so that people would be manageable.

Military pensions are provided so that the retirees will not continue their careers in the private sector.  Veterans benefits are provided so that veterans will not become involved in government policy.  The better we can mask our motives the better this process works.

So I tell myself that I like somebody, when they repel me.  I tell them that I love them when I love me.  I tell myself that I am good, when I am merely anxious, devious and isolationist.

It is possible to actually love someone.  First you have to be honest about all the folks you say you love, but don’t.