Monthly Archives: October, 2015

Playing both sides

After watching August.Eighth I understood the massive media effort directed toward making Russians love Mother Russia, using Transformers and perfectly styled heroic prototypes.  Exactly as western media organizes the western opinion to adopt western heroic prototypes/

This deadly game aims at pitting whole nations against each other and against their own interests merely to turn a massive profit, which they could easily have turned using less inflammatory means.  While there are other media interests doing just that there seems to be no responsible attempt at stopping the insidious propaganda.

The common man is not equipped to discriminate properly in the flow of information.  As an American I find myself turning a blind eye at our own media.  I merely avoid what offends me, failing to seek to counter the evil of my own society.  Now I see that the evil in the other society looks to rebuilding the animosity of the could war, and that the evil of my society strives do do the same.



I’m baffled by the political reporting in the country.  The politicians seem to be baffled by it.  There seems to be no attention to the politics in the frenzy to win the editor’s approval to post a story and get paid.  There seems to be no concentration on the news of the nation in the frenzy of the news media for the advertiser dollar.  The media has so much sold out that there is no longer any freedom of the press.

We are in a Constitutional crisis.  There is no freedom of the press.  We have taken our press and held its ear up to the door post.  We have thrust an awl through that ear and made our press a slave to jackanapes.  There is no free press.  There is no paid press.  There is just media with advertising wrapped around it.

We are in an information crisis.  Nothing informs us.  We are informed by nothing.  A loud mouth walks into the job or into church or into the club or the bar and shouts stupidity and there is no rebuttal.  It is bad to rebut.  It is bad to inform.  It is bad to opine.  You have no idea.  I have no idea.

We are in a military crisis.  With no civilian leadership, the military has no leadership.  We are a nation in which the civilian leadership commands the military and there is no civilian leadership.  An organization without a head.  One General said, I am in a theater of war and the President has not given me a mission.  Therefore my only interest is to not get anybody hurt.

We are in an economic crisis.  In an economic structure built on the backbone of predictable inflation we have no inflation.  Therefore we have no economic structure.

Baffling.  Like the baffled mind of an alcoholic or a junkie.  Zoners.