Playing both sides

After watching August.Eighth I understood the massive media effort directed toward making Russians love Mother Russia, using Transformers and perfectly styled heroic prototypes.  Exactly as western media organizes the western opinion to adopt western heroic prototypes/

This deadly game aims at pitting whole nations against each other and against their own interests merely to turn a massive profit, which they could easily have turned using less inflammatory means.  While there are other media interests doing just that there seems to be no responsible attempt at stopping the insidious propaganda.

The common man is not equipped to discriminate properly in the flow of information.  As an American I find myself turning a blind eye at our own media.  I merely avoid what offends me, failing to seek to counter the evil of my own society.  Now I see that the evil in the other society looks to rebuilding the animosity of the could war, and that the evil of my society strives do do the same.


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