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A blog is a substitute for academe.

A mall is a substitute for hunting gathering.

Puzzles are a substitute for inquiry.

Reading is a substitute for adventure

TV is a substitute for discourse

Radio, recordings are a substitute for song

Fitness centers are a substitute for work

Porn is a substitute for coitus

Hunt, fish, build, raze, plant, talk, sing, dance, shit, travel, swim, eat, drink, sleep.

That’s about it. Everything else is a substitute.


Global warning

Reading Chesterton one gets the early drift of uneasiness, the stiffness in the back muscles of modern thought. Something wicked this way comes, lurching toward Jerusalem, Damascus, New York and G-y Paree.

It has been long, long, long on the way.  Hidden here in the shallow South the panic dashes right by the nose of my rabbit hole.  Entertainment media plasters over the fear and blitzing editors jerk the scene to and fro with a promise of novelty unrequited.

The men and many women display lethality in an act of hostile posturing, perhaps to ward a family member, a neighbor.  Totems of regional might, Panthers, Blazers, Mighty Ducks, act as surrogates to belonging. In the know, with a new ride, the news of the game, the newest fashion, it is an unquest. Rather flight.

For all the violet display there is amazingly little violence.  It should be all out war.  For all the bare skin there is amazingly little sex. Free for all sex should be the riposte to killing.

Perhaps it is the globular, the bloated, the indulgence of whim after desperate whim. Sex and drugs and rock and roll is all my brain and body needs. Get rich, get laid, get high.

Creativity is there, but drowned by the madness, to no effect.

But, really, this is what I have done since my youth…


Scott Adams has a pretty good blog.  The folks that follow him are involved in entertainment.  They don’t work in entertainment but they provide snappy quips like night-time TV and they have light thoughts.

The religious threads are field with the same floaty sort of stuff.  Like Rome burns and everyone is Nero.

Are we shadows of the entertainment industry?

The situation is worrisome and folks seem to lack the capacity to take anything seriously.


When there is no purpose for a critter the critter will become extinct.  We will not be able to maintain that species.  We determine that God has thrown things together and it is up to manage the process from that point.

This is utter bullshit. I can’t do anything about it.  I can only work on my salvation and cannot deliver any other thing.

If God desires Tigers there will be Tigers.  If there are no Tigers it is because He has created no more.

If God determines the temperatures will rise, they will rise.  If He has done so because of our covetousness then there is hope that he might turn back His course and restore our land.  If we remain covetous then we will remain in the curse until our generation is over.  He will not repent until the operation is complete.

If we return to Him He will hear us and heal our land. Our return has three components. Return to our senses, return to our land and return to our Father.

In the first component we advert to our injustice toward others.  If we justify ourselves we are left in our own resources, which will fail utterly in resolving the curse on our land and our children.  If there is anyone anywhere who lacks, and I have abundance, I am unjust.  I can’t just give my stuff away willy-nilly.  If warlords subvert the distribution of relief, they must be changed.  Either they are converted, conquered or killed.  If I battle one warlord it is not sufficient. I must battle all.  But I cannot battle from the point of covetousness, because I am then he, the warlord.

First comes my change.  Then I must enter the land.  I cannot stay away, isolating.  Then I must fall to the Father.  Only then can my work in the inheritance begin and only then will I be able to give abundance to those who lack.

This is not understood in a restricted sense but in an unrestricted.  Holding anything back holds it all.  Keeping anything as mine means that I am retaining my stolen part of the inheritance.  Unfortunately all the other charities are merely wastrels urging to gather in my stolen funds to their stolen treasuries.

I see the curse.  I know the solution. I know my way. Whether you know yours is only relevant to you.  I don’t need to work out your salvation.  Only mine.