Some weeks ago Governor McCrory signed a bill that was advertised as anti-LGBT.  It was said to discriminate against these abused people.  The advertised problem was making folks use certain restrooms.

The bill was much more than that small issue, and some parts of the bill might have been unfair.  Governor McCrory is fixing some things, “after feedback.”  None of the fixes have to do with things the media has been presenting.

The media hype around restrooms was is inexplicable.  The issue was not whether persons could be limited in their choice of restrooms.  The issue was whether municipalities could make independent decisions throughout the State as to which restrooms folks would use.

It might be abusive of the State to interfere is local issues at such a level of detail, but when Charlotte did such a thing, the legislature decided that dependability and uniformity of practice in the State was the higher ground.  Whether any of the members of that body could articulate such an argument is not the point, either.

So, much ado about something that wasn’t what it was said to be….

Then Bruce cancels his concert in Greensboro in protest.  Was he trying to interfere in the sovereignty of the State through this tactic of extortion? Of course. Does the state care? No. The so what was: The media made a big deal of it.  A commercial enterprise lost some money.  People did something else that night.  Political opinion was not changed.  hot words in the sports bars, perhaps.  Twitter and Facebook lit up, yadda yadda.

Then Xhamster blocks North Carolina IP addresses.  Accomplishes two things.  Diverted porn searches to other sites and it highlighted the immaturity of the business sector in its attempts to interfere with the sovereignty of the State of North Carolina.

One wonders: Would a politician in North Carolina do anything at the public behest of a pornography business? Political suicide.

Would a politician in North Carolina do anything because of public pressure by any business that concerned the subjects of race, drugs, sex, guns, alcohol or gambling? Again, political suicide.

Back room influence, of course,  but never public.


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