The Foregone Conclusion

If one were to believe the High School civics teachers one would believe that America offered each person the right to vote for a candidate.  The outward view is such.  Every person gets to cast a ballot.  What happens is that the states with the later primaries have less candidates on the ballot because certain interests have convinced those candidates they should withdraw.

There was no Rubio on the North Carolina Ballot.  There will be no candidate for president on the ballot for the General Election who is remotely qualified.  Mrs. Clinton will win because the advertising media are giving Mrs. Clinton all the positive and none of the negative news. The fact that my candidate did not win in the primary means that I must vote for a candidate I oppose or I cannot vote.

This may not be the first such election.  The earliest years are dimly remembered.  in my memory this is the first General Election in which I am not given an ethical choice.

It is unethical to vote for a person who has broken the law and scoffs at it.  It is unethical to vote for a person who is not able to make sense, make ethical decisions, offer ethical choices.

Secondly, the Vice President on either ticket does not offer a hope.  Neither are as heinous as the candidate but neither holds the possibility of rescuing the situation.  Maybe they are more optimistic about things than they seem.  Neither has made a noteworthy comment.

I am voting in this election in order to elect a governor and senator and some judges.  Hopefully their will be someone I can write in.  But the election is a foregone conclusion.  The media has decided.

It is also a forgone conclusion that they will rip her apart as soon as she is elected.  Unless she destroys the press.  I will see history made again.


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