What I learned in the 5th Special Forces Group

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

There is nothing as under-rated as a good BM and as over-rated as bad sex.

I learned other things but this is enough for today.  The problem with people and sex is that most people don’t get enough sex to know the difference between good and bad. Most people don’t know anything about wine either.  But virtually everyone knows about BMs.

So—Why do the networks have people on shows who are shouting at each other?  Why does anyone watch network TV, listen to most radio, including NPR?  Why is American propaganda so laughable?

Is it because people are mindless? Is it because people don’t know the difference between intelligent conversation and drivel?

One does not need to be beautiful to be a great lover.  One merely needs to be great at loving and, unfortunately, everybody but your, dear reader, has given up caring about loving.

Wine, now, that has to be examined.  Values need to be set and the values need to be personal and intelligent.  We don’t just start out being good at picking wines.  So most people copy one authority or another.  Maybe they pick somebody that knows what they are talking about, maybe not.  That is not a sure-fire method for always drinking good wine.

When it comes to politics and theology the matter turns from not living well to living horribly.  Our national leadership selection program is so bad it might not be effective enough to really screw things up.  Enough people are turned off Republicans that irrational Democrats should be able to walk the bases for this one.  It is not about the merits of the candidates.  No one really knows whether the candidates have any merit.  There are statistics, figures and evidence of success.  None of these point toward the ability to lead the country.  Nobody has shown these candidates can think while they keep a 20 hour a day, 7 day a week schedule.  One of them will, indeed, preside.  Somebody else, however, is going to lead, because a vacuum is always filled.  The cacophony has not addressed this.

Turning, then, to something more individually important:  If a religious leader talks nonsense, what they say is nonsense.  Anybody that says something stupid has said a stupid thing and just because one is a revered religious leader does not make stupidity any less stupid.  American religion is worried about cults, but every denomination has fallen into thinking bad wine.  Junk theology is the norm.  The outliers are on blogs, or just haven’t entered the arena.  Why, indeed, would a competent theologian enter the sit-com arena of public religion.  I believe that a few of these folk are good folk.  Francis and Harrison seem to be alert and responsible.  Unfortunately the horses they ride are so spastic there is no reliability in following them.  They are trying to herd their constituencies, not concentrating on telling me what I need to know.

So.  Learn to pick good wine.  Learn of and from God.  Love well.


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