Russian Soldier

A fellow soldier in U.S. Army Garrison – Panama was standing in front of me in a line for urinalysis drug testing.  Knowing him to be an immigrant from Russia I remarked to him that he must be more patient than the rest of us because he was accustomed to lines.  He responded that he realized the U.S. Army was communist when he saw that we got paid for doing nothing and we got promoted in spite of failure.

I find the same processes at work throughout America.  More and more employers are paying employees who have no loyalty for their company and more and more management are hired for no good reason.

Non-productive work is as good as productive when it comes to getting a check.

All this becomes clear when we discern a fascis or multiple fasces at the directing end of things.  These groups will control for the sake of a tiny salary and limited objectives.  Somewhere there are also people making huge money, the Raj of the West.  They take interest in society only as a pastime


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